September 23, 2013

The Loaf Bakery

I think most people already know about the loaf, a japanese bakery co- owned by Tun Mahathir.
Ada banyak dah branch sekarang ni..
Breads dia memang lain sikit, simply amazing, apparently they're using flour imported from Japan. So prices mahal sikit la compare dengan bakery biasa yang lain.
But its worth every fav is the cranberry cheese..delish...its very soft and cheese is creamy..more tasty if its preheated..
Pictures worth a thousand words, so just enjoy the pics and have a try at any of their outlets..:)


  1. eh i pun suka cranberry cheese dia tu...RM2.80 pun RM2.80 lahhh untuk seketul yang kecik tu...
    baru ni i baru try lasagne..ok not bad...

  2. saya suka roti kelapa...yg ada shredded coconut atas tu...mmg sedap mkn, tp kat kl nie susah nak jumpa...mgkn sold out cepat kot...selalu dapat mkn kat the loaf langkawi jer...seday sob2..