May 31, 2013

The Red Beanbag

The Red Beanbag (RBB) at Publika. Simple je kan nama restaurant ni, food pun simple jugak..but the taste is gastronomical...out of this world...
Came here for breakfast..a late one actually.. cause I'm here for their breakfast menu...

So apa yang menarik kat sini...their Egg Benedict!!! Marvellous...tgk gambar je pun dah drooling kan...apa lagi kalau dapat rasa sendiri...

Location kat area luar Publika..dekat open area yg ada stage tu..

Full house

Open kitchen concept..nice..

All here for brekkie

Complimentary water on each table..

Hot chocolate

Specialty Baked Egg - it's eggs baked with cheese with tomato, beef slices, hot dogs & served with crusty bread

How it looks inside...

RBB's Egg Atlantic- poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, mushroom & smoked salmon on top of french toast..simply to die for..

RBB's Egg Benedict - poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, spinach, mushrooms & beef bacon on french toast

AyuDenira's Verdict:
  • Very..very delicious poached egg.. my personal fav is Egg Atlantic..
  • Crowd mmg ramai on weekends, so kena tggu la for meja.
  • Although orang ramai, but service is great..
  • Brekkie menu is served from 10am to 3pm

Lot A4-1-8, Solaris Dutamas (Publika Mall)
(opposite Publika's open space)
Tel: +603-6211 5116
GPS: 3.171068,101.666018

May 30, 2013

Hunt for the best Mille Crepe - Nadeje

Wah..ever since I had my first tasting of mille crepe at Humble Beginnings , tiba2 dah jadi minat giler.. 
When I did my research online, mostly cakap the best mille crepe is at Nadeje.
Apa ke benda la nama Nadeje.. maybe its french la kot..sebab mille crepe ni originate from France.
Nadeje Cake House has been around for quite a while but in Malacca..hmm kenapa la tak tau sebelum ni..kalau tak sure dah singgah masa kat Melaka..

Good news is they just open up a branch here.. at 32Square to be exact. Area Sec 14, PJ kat Masjid Bulat tu...

Their signature blue & white stripe ..dari jauh nak kenal :)

 First impression - Shop was full & have to queue..hmm must be really good. Mamat in front of me tu siap order one of each..perghh.. Ramai jugak yang order take away..even whole part siap jual cooler about good business.

Spoil for choice...i loike...
Tak try pun ni..maybe next time

Praline Lover
Mango Yogurt

Berry Strawberry

AyuDenira's Verdict:

  • Compare dengan Humble Beginnings (HB), I think I like both..hehehe..dua-dua tak boleh decide..but kat Nadeje ni lagi banyak choices and kedai dia besar la dari HB yg kedai suku je tu.. :)
  • One thing to be aware here is some of their mille crepe has alcohol, in fact most of them do, so yg non-alcoholic tu ada la 4-5 jenis je.. :( . But kalau nak order whole cake, bole request in advance any flavour without alcohol.

B-01-01, Dataran 3Two Square, Jalan 19/1,
Section 9, PJ
Tel: 03-79600025
Opening Hours: 11am-10pm
GPS: 3.111977,101.631554

May 29, 2013

Satay Madura

Selama ni bila sebut satay je, what comes to mind mesti satay kajang, to most people Satay Samuri..
But me, I dah ban Satay Samuri, my vote goes to Satay Station..well thats a different story altogether kay..

Recently, I got to know a new kind of satay.. Satay Madura at Kg Kayu Ara..
Dari nama pun dah tau satay ni originate from Indonesia...tapi ni tak mcm satay from indon yg I penah rasa which is satay marinate dgn kicap tu..this one is totally different. 

Want to know why..ada cili padi & limau nipis fav la kan kalau makanan pedas2 ni..

Satay with kuah kacang, cili padi, bawang, perahan limau, kicap manis...all mix in the world..

Teruja tak..hehehe.. FYI kedai ni pun dah penah masuk JJCM & Best in the World (8tv)..
Kedai dia biasa-biasa jerr...kat Kayu Ara mostly indonesian la kat sini, biasanya tapau je la satay ni..
Ada 3 type of satay, satay ayam (RM0.60), satay daging (RM0.70) & satay kambing (RM0.90 kot).
Satay kambing ni used to be my fav, tapi bila beli asyik liat malas dah nak order..beli ayam & daging jela..

Ni la kedai dia..macam warung pun ado..
Kedai betul2 sebelah surau Kg Kayu Ara..

Kalau tapau, sumer sekali masuk dalam satu pek..kalau nak kuah asing pun bole..
Satay Daging
Satay Ayam

Satay Madura (next to Surau Kg Kayu Ara),
Jalan Masjid, Kg Kayu Ara.
Landmark: take the junction before Tropicana Boulevard..if you miss it, take the one yg kat BHP & Shell tu.
Opening Hours : 6pm onwards
GPS: 3.132107,101.61413

May 27, 2013

Ole-Ole Bali @ Empire

Ever since my Honeymoon in Bali, sesekali tu teringat foods kat nak mengubat rindu makan, decided to try out Ole-Ole Bali...this one yang kat Empire Shopping Mall.

Sebab dah lama tak meetup dengan my sis, called her up and set a date with my sister & family, terus jumpa kat sana. Sambil makan sambil borak..biasa la, the only sis yg kat KL ni.

My Sis- Zeti

Sis's Family

Qaisara & my sis

Air penuh daun..tapi sedap..very refreshing

Lemongrass Mojito

Lemongrass & Ginger Tea - ni my sis punya..air penuh serai

Gifts from Perth

Kambing Bumbu

Extra nasi & bubur pulut hitam for Qaisara

Nasi Campur - ada sate lilit, cumi bbq & rendang daging

Sate Lilit..stick dia pakai serai..besar gedabak batang serai

Bali Trio

Siap Mepanggang - BBQ Chicken

Silahkan makan...

AyuDenira's Verdict:
  • Food is very delish
  • Sate lilit is a must try..
  • Get the Bali Trio kalau nak varieties..
  • Prices dia kena la dengan standard restaurant dia, tapi food sedap so berbaloi la.
  • Air Lemongrass Mojito tu unik & very-very refreshing, tak banyak tempat ada air ni.