July 22, 2013

Phuket - Part 1

This is not recent, tapi just nak share our 3rd Anniversary celebration in Phuket. Was contemplating either Phuket or Krabi. Tapi ramai orang cakap Phuket is more lively, Krabi macam laid back sikit..hmmm
End up we choose Phuket..siang boley enjoy the sun & beach, malam enjoy the nightlife..

But honestly speaking.. Phuket is so overrated..its too crowded with Mat Sallehs sampai shop owner pandang us Asians ni sebelah mata je..bukan nak layan sangat :( . 

The highs here - beautiful beaches, great island excursion especially the canoe ride, lively night life (lepak2 cuci mata).
The lows - foods are catered to Mat Saleh's taste..sampai TomYam pun dah tak berapa nak pedas, souvenirs & stuffs kalau nak beli tak bole bargain.

So, that's the summary of our trip here..all in all..really enjoyed our stay here, maybe next time kena research lebih for tempat makan yg best kat sini (kalaulah ada next time) :)

Mainly I just want to share our experience dalam bentuk gambar je....enjoy the pics kay.

Alleys at Patong Beach road

Along Patong Beach Road

Tuk-tuk ride is a must in Thailand :)

Had this at Jungceylon Mall Foodcourt - few stalls selling Halal food, tastewise, ok2 jer

Ni pun biasa2 je..janji kenyang

Testing out fish spa..

Help..i'm lost..

Strolling at Bangla Road

Coffee with live entertainment from next door :)

Early morning, went out to look for island hopping packages.. better to get it 1 or 2 days earlier, so you can plan your time here..There are plenty of tour operators along Patong beach..tak tau la mana yang ok..sebat je yg ni cause its pink..hehehe... Night shows pun bole beli kat sini jugak (Fantasea, Simon Cabaret)

We took the island hopping (ada berapa island tak ingat dah) + cave tour.

Getting our island excursion package

We stayed at the Belle Resort, its a boutique hotel - small and cozy with minimalistic deco..The location is right smack in Patong..just look for McD masuk lorong tu..its at the end of the alley.

Patong Beach...panas!!!

We found a muslim restaurant, average taste so not worth mentioning its name..:)

Also found this elephant ride somewhere, tapi tak berani nak naik..

Rent a bike to tour round the island, dlm RM30 per day..

At Kamala Beach, sini banyak 5 star resort

Apart from the lively Bangla Street in Patong, a must do night activity is to experience the night shows..
There are two that I know of, first is Phuket Fantasea - its more of a cultural show (very grand and spectacular) & very expensive, siap ada dinner sekali..few hundred jugak la sorang..
Because we're travellers on a budget, so we opted for Simon Cabaret, a dance/singing showcase by pondan2 yang cantik..:)
Price dia dlm RM70 per person, but well worth it. Something you can't get elsewhere..ticket beli kat one of the many counter tour package along Patong. They will pick you up at the hotel

No cameras allowed, but hubs manage to snap a quick one..

After the show, meet & greet session

Lady Gaga??

After the show..ronda2 kat Bangla road

Continue in Part 2 for our Island tour..

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