July 12, 2013


Hmm lifestyle cafes are popping up in Taman Tun skang ni..banyak cafe dah kat sini..yeahh...Pub pun banyak jugak :( ..nay

Mukha has been around quite a while..baru ni je nak review pun..hehee. Owner dia are few malay guys so no worries about its Halal status kay..
Looking at the interior mmg confirm la its the place to hangout..all their chairs, tables and sofas are unique cause its used.Second hand furniture..kerusi lain, meja lain, sofa pun lain2..it gives character to this place.

Apart from coffee, they do have food as well, from salads,fries, spaghetti. Basically from a heavy meal to finger foods.
People from my next table ordered 3 sets of fries with beef sauce..hmm must be really good..tapi tengah kenyang..this is a must try next time I'm here..teehee.

But the best part for me, is their sister shop next door, Souka. They serve desserts and cakes with LOVE...
All their cakes look delicious and yummy...

Menu on the chalk board..self service ya'll

Awesome Red Velvet

My Favorite - Hazelnut Torte!

Could not resist on this..:)

Strawberry Cheese Cake


Raiisah pun ada

15, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
GPS: 3.154443,101.6224

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