April 21, 2014

Peruvie - Peruvian Grilled Chicken

Its been awhile kan.. :)

Selalunya kedai yang paling dekat tu la yang susah nak pergi..mesti nak try yang jauh2 je kan..hehehe
Peruvie- at Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.betul2 sebelah Penang Village (Maybank).. sekangkang kera je from home...baru nak try out.. hmmm mmg nyesal tak try sebelum ni...

Dari nama kedai pun dah tahu the origin..it's from Peru.. grilled chciken with its own special spicy or original sauce.

For those chicken lover out there, tempat ni wajib try..especially yang meminati Nando's..
I can say the chicken here is way better than Nando's...sauce dia walaupun tak sepedas Nando's, but its still spicy and its way tastier than them....

Went there over the weekend, kedai bukak 12pm..terus smpi dah..we were the only ones in the restaurant..time tgh makan ada la satu meja lain lagi..hmmm dalam hati..haii kedai ni tak lama la nampaknya..sayangnya....

Memang tak la kan..by 1pm je..the restaurant is packed...hmmm ramai dah tahu rupanya..hubby pun terserempak dgn school mate dia..and his family has been frequenting this place...

The meals here macam kat Kenny Rogers or Nandos..comes in set..nak ala carte pun boleh..set dia either in Quarter or half chciken.. pastu pilih 2 side dishes.. kitorang tried tried the coleslaw, mixed vege, potato salad and corn salad.. Semua best and tak mengecewakan..kalau nak filing sikit..coconut rice pun agak menarik..

Sauce ada two type, original or spicy..haruslah spicy kan...:) tapi tak la pedas gila2 sangat pun..ala2 je..

Bila order baru they will grill the chicken.. so kena la be patient sikit..tapi bila sampai it's worth the wait. 

The chicken is very tender and moist..Pastu on our plate tu ada another dipping sauce..sedap jugak..it's creamy but tak muak...sedap jugak..goes well with salad..or dengan ayam pun best..

As for drinks, we tried out a pitcher of Sangria.. its a Latin American cocktail..asalnya alcoholic la..tapi kat sini no alcohol..so its a mocktail...:) .. its kinda like a fruit cocktail..masam and refreshing with a twist..ada apple cider dlm drink ni..so ada la rasa zing cuka tu..

I think from the same owner kot..cause boleh tembus Penang Village jugak from inside..

Colorful and very refreshing interior

It's a Peruvian theme..

For those wondering???

Clear and simple menu

Our meals

The chicken is moist..sauce is amazing...

Don't know what's the name, but the dipping sauce is great as well...sedapppp

Our drink - Sangria (mocktail)

1, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Opens : 12pm-10.30pm
GPS:  3.153669,101.622368

March 07, 2014

Khunthai - Authentic Thai Restaurant

Since i posted the picture up on Instagram, ada yang tertanya2 kat mana tempat tu.. well here's my full review ..

The place is call Khunthai..opened since 2011..but sadly I pun baru tahu tempat ni...better late than never..this place will be on my list whenever in Penang..
The location itself is in Teluk Kumbar..best part, location is right next to the beach..we practically makan on the beach..yeeahhh...

Arrived quite early, before 6 kot..sebab datang straight dari wedding member in Sungai Petani..Sampai awal lagi bagus, still terang and tak ramai orang..and konon2 nak sunset dinner le..hehehe

Yang best nya datang awal ni, crowd pun takda lagi, so boley la pilih mana2 meja sesuka hati.. and the best spot..is a table on the beach itself..memang ada satu meja ni je pun..yeahh..
Table lain memang mengadap laut, tapi atas simen..table kitorang ni..atas pasir laut tu sendiri..wahhh ala2 dinner kat Jimbaran Bali...
Simply amazed..most romantic place to dine in Malaysia kot..wahhh such a compliment..hehehe

The tom yam is really authentic, macam makan kat Siam lak.. another must order is the steamed lala...fuhhh...masam2, pedas, simply can't stop eating..

Kerabu kaki ayam pun one of my favourite..masam, pedas, manis..semua cukup rasa..best part kaki ayam dah takda..semua isi dah dikeluarkan so senang la nak makan..plus hubby kalau nampak kaki ayam memang tak makan la gamaknya..sebab tu tanya dulu sebelum order..kerabu kaki ayam ni ada kaki tak.. :)

All this makan dengan nasi putih, tapi sebab semua menu sedap..nak try jugak dish goreng2 dia..so order la jugak nasi goreng belacan...

Sedap jugak!!!..hmmm..simply said order jela apa2 dalam menu..semua pun sodap...

Time nak balik, orang pun dah semakin ramai. Tapi tempat ni besar..table pun banyak, tapi tak dapat la view mengadap laut kalau lambat yer..

Price wise nak kata murah tak jugak, mahal sangat pun tak jugak..in total our dinner was RM50 plus.. so kira average la kalau makan berhidang kat restoran kan...kalau datang ramai2 harus kena try ikan pulak..

Definitely will be coming back here when I'm in Penang...

You can't miss the sign

Road leads to the Restaurant

A proper Tuk-tuk will great guests

Nice eh..

The outdoor area

Best seat in the house...the only table on the sand/beach

Will be my top romantic dinner spot in Malaysia

Tom Yum is a MUST!!!

Steamed Lala


Kerabu Kaki Ayam

Belacan Fried Rice

Superb food and view to die for!!!

1052 MK9, Pasir Belanda, Teluk Kumbar 
11920, Bayan Lepas, Penang 
Tel: 04-6251155
GPS: 5 16'55.10"N 100 13'11.05"E

March 06, 2014

The Sumbs

Dapat tahu kedai ni pun actually from Fazley - Selebriti Masterchef punya IG feed. For those yg tak tahu he has his own desserts brand, SukaSucre.. but he do not have a shop. So dia letak la kat cafe around Klang Valley and some other states.
Well the Sumbs is one of them.
Located in Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, to get here is pretty easy, its the area belakang Tesco Extra (old Makro). Jalan yang dulu leads to Batu Tiga race track, skang dah jadi row of shops. There's also Goodhope Hotel nearby as landmark. 

When we got there, the place is packed. Wow business is good.... Had to put our name on the wait list. Waited around 20 mins till we get our table. The restaurant itself is quite small, only about 8 tables inside and a few outdoor (lucky they're on a corner lot)..Also saw the JJCM plaque..so they've been here. Patut la ramai orang..

On the waiting list :(

On to the food..presentation memang menarik, unique and one of a kind..everything is served in a box.
senang takyah basuh pinggan..hehehe
We had the chicken milanese - portion is big, but frankly it's sort of a variation of chicken chop, so nothing to shout about.
Heard the dendeng is famous here, tapi tak try nasi dengan dendeng pulak, want to try something different, so had the dendeng calzone - ala2 macam karipap gergasi inti daging dendeng,...and its purely the daging dendeng and cheese..but the pastry is quite thick. Tak garing sangat and lama2 jadi muak la.

For pasta had the spicy chef - memang pedas, ala2 home cooked mee goreng pedas, tapi ni spaghetti la.

Carbonara pun not bad, thick and creamy sauce tapi tak la terlalu sangat sampai muak.
Pasta ala sumbs pun spicy jugak, berkuah skit, macam mee goreng basah...:) but its all good way.

To end all up, desserts..That's what brought us here in the first place.

First - chocolate moist cake : frankly its nothing magical or wonderful..to be honest cake is a bit dry.. maybe sebab dok dalam chiller kot. But the macaron is nice..its not too sweet, filling dia masam2 sikit so tak rasa kemanisan macaron to..sedap..

Second - churros. For those yang tak tau churros is a spanish dessert..its fried dough pastry..can be eaten alone or in this case dipped in chocolate..Marvellous...agak susah gak la nak jumpa churros ni.
The churros in my opinion kalau makan camtu jer rasa telur tu quite overpowering, tapi tak la teruk sangat, bila dah dip dengan chocolate memang superb..

Third - Eclair with creme patisserie. Forgot to snap the pics..hehehe anyway its like chocolate eclairs, tapi ni cream fillings and ada colourful ganache on top...chehhh..ala2 masterchef pulak.. :)

As a whole the main dishes here is good, nothing outstanding, but sort of a place where you can order anything on the menu and won't get disappointed. Price wise is quite reasonable too.
Part desserts yang kecewa skit..knowing it was by the masterchef Fazley..its just not what i expected.
I had better chocolate cake elsewhere and the price pun agak melampau RM14.90 for a slice..maybe cause of the macaron on top kot.

Lunch in a box :)

Dendeng Calzone - RM9

Chicken Milanese - RM11

Chef Spicy Pasta - RM11

Carbonara - RM9.90

Pasta ala the Sumbs - RM9.90

Chocolate moist cake with mini macaron - RM14.90

Churros - RM4.90 per cup

The Sumbs Cafe
7-04-01 Persiaran Alam Pusat Perniagaan World Wide, 
Persiaran Akuatik Seksyen 13, Shah Alam
Opens: 11am-11pm, Closed on Friday
GPS:  3.073067,101.54408

February 27, 2014

Mee Tarik Warisan Asli

Mee Tarik Warisan Asli...this is their newest branch in Jalan Dang Wangi...their first kat Sg Besi.. now dah ada kat KL senang la sikit nak datang kan...dari Balai Polis Dang Wangi tu terus sikit akan nampak bangunan hijau sebelah kanan..4 lot jugak la kedai ni.

Owned and operated by Chinese Muslim from China.. dijamin Halal and dapatla merasa authentic Mainland Chinese Noodle..

Nama pun mee tarik, so mee di buat fresh kat kedai. Open kitchen concept, jadi dapat la tengok camner di tarik2 tepung tu n last2 jadi la mee..
I bab2 mee memang kurang sikit pasal tak suka bau kapur mee.. but since mee kat sini freshly made, memang takde langsung rasa/bau kapur..thumbs up!!!

One thing great here, portion is big..yerla maybe sebab mee buat sendiri kot, so satu plate mee tu dua orang boleh makan..plus the price pun quite reasonable..

Menu with pictures..senang sikit nak order..

A must try here is the toothpick lamb, rasa rempah2 and pedas, sedap!! Banyak jugak lamb dia, boleh kongsi 4-5 orang ni..jadi side dish la..
Mee2 kat sini in my opinion rasa dia quite plain..kalau scale of 10, maybe around 6 je kot..sebab nak kata best sangat tak la, tapi tak la tak sedap...iyela dishes from Mainland China memang la macam ni, maybe kalau buh cili padi baru terangkat kot..hehehe

"Toothpick" Lamb- RM26 - a must try, portion agak banyak, 4-5 people boleh makan

Fried Lamen with Beef - RM8.80

Wet Mee with Ziran Mutton - RM12

Mee Soup with Braised Beef - RM8, extra spicy

Wet Mee with Fungus & Meat - RM9.80

China Ba Bao Tea - very refreshing

Mee Tarik Warisan Asli
Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.155833,101.700552

February 07, 2014

Dapur Sarawak

Hubby la yang insist of going to this place. Lama tak makan Mee Kolok katanya... hmm layan jerla...Dia dulu biasa outstation Sabah /Sarawak so macam2 food sana dah penah try. 
I pulak tak penah try Sarawakian food, so ok la tu..
The place is call Dapur Sarawak at Jalan Pahang, betul2 kat Hospital Tawakal.Biasa kalau datang area ni mesti pergi Restoran Haslam, so this time tukar selera.

Deco kat dalam clean and simple and mostly yang datang orang2 Sarawak..hehehe boley dengar bahasa diorang lain skit..I think this place is owned by some actor, tak sure pulak nama dia cause nampak dia keluar masuk dapur kedai..

Kalau nampak kat Menu ada nasi aruk, is nasi goreng actually.
Sarawakian in da house.. JJCM was here.

Mee Kolok

Sup for Mee Kolok

Laksa Sarawak


My take on it; Mee Kolok is fairly simple and plain.. nak buat camne memang camtu rupa mee kolok..for those yang tak pernah try rasa dia macam makan wantan mee, comes with sup, kalau nak basah tuang la sup dalam mee tu..nak pedas tambah cili kicap..

Laksa Sarawak, hmm quite interesting, sedap jugak, mee laksa tu halus ala2 bihun , kuah dia rasa masam2 lemak. Add sambal paste kalau nak pedas, kalau tak cukup pedas letak cili kicap pun bolehhh..

So for those yang tak penah or teringin nak try Sarawakian food, should give Dapur Sarawak a try. It got good reviews on Foursquare from fellow Sarawakian..so it must be good.

Restoran Dapur Sarawak
Jalan Sarikei (opposite new Tawakal Hospital)
GPS:  3.177196,101.699256