July 01, 2013

Golden Palm Tree @ Sepang Gold Coast

Time off from the hectic city life..:) Was here with the family (hubby's)..so it was me, hubby, my mother in law, sis in law & her hubs and of course si kecik Rania (my niece).
Journey here took about 1 hour..getting off from KLIA highway toward Bagan Lalang..it was quite easy..
Upon arrival the guard stopped us..it seems that in the lobby area we can only drop off or pick up guests. We have to park our cars at the parking lot which was 500m away..i was thinking man..that's a long walk to the lobby..but fraid not..shuttle services are provided.. phewww..

After check in, electric buggy awaits to bring guests to their respective villas..
Resort ni atas air with the shape of a palm tree..each branch ada few types of villas..kitorang berlima stayed at the Ivory Palm Villa - 2 bedrooms, 1 study (can convert into bedroom), living area..

Lepas dah settle down sumer, petang trus check out sekeliling resort. Mula-mula ingat takde benda nak buat kat sini.lepak2 jer.. sekali lepas ronda2 resort baru tau lots of activites are provided here..theres water sports, cycling, beach sports, ATV, go-karting, paintball...
Semua free, except for ATV, go-kart & paintball..

Aerial view - kat tengah is the coffee house & pool area *pic taken from the official website

Main buliding/reception

The infiniti pool

Resort map in case you're lost :)

Outdoor cafe

Main coffee house

The study room which can be converted to a room

Master bedroom's toilet

Peace yo

Balcony overlooking Straits of Malacca..

Go Kart
It's a novice kart, so takla laju sangat pun
More of a fun ride :)
ATV ride - complete with its off-road track..superb!!!
Sangkut la pulak  :)

MTB - accompanied by resort's guide..

Japanese tourist joining with us..hehee

Night view


Golden Palm Tree Iconic Villa & Spa
67 Sepang Goldcoast, Bagan Lalang
GPS: 2.600185,101.689106


  1. muka u mcm sherry ibrahim :D pelakon teduhan kasih

  2. salam kenal2 my dear....wah sgt best kat sini...memang cantik sgt view to sumer...mcm2 xtvt bleh buat kat sini yerrr...

  3. santeknye tempat ni...

  4. makananya xde ker kat sini...huhu

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