July 25, 2013

Iftar at South Sea with Siblings

Bulan Ramadan, not only a month of ibadah, but also a time for gatherings during iftar.
Last weekend my brother came down from Alor Setar. He's here for an assignment, so to take up on this opportunity, us siblings decided to gather and have berbuka puasa together.
What could be better than to enjoy seafood..:)
South Sea Seafood Restaurant memang dah lama establish, betul2 sebelah runway Subang Airport. Bila plane landing and take off memang dengar la, but luckily now its only form Fireflyz..so tak la kerap sangat :)

Since its for berbuka puasa, we all sampai around 6.30pm. Make sure to make reservation ok..mmg jam packed..

With my Sister's family

My baby niece, Qhurnia

Dah puas bergambar, its time to order. Ok, there's two type of seafood here, fresh from the tanks or frozen.
One section of the restaurant is where we can pick our fresh seafood. So its kinda like a mini Aquaria. Ranging from local fishes & crabs to imported ones, like the King Crab..even the tanks are ice cold to mimic their natural cold water environment.

Empurau (Kelah) - RM70 per gram, seekor around RM1300..WTF??

King Crab yang gumukkkk


It's call Geoduck


Mantis prawn..yummehh

Alaskan Crab

My brother @zuraidi

Met Nina, she sat at a table next to us. @ninaismailsabri

Hmmm, first time ni, tak penah dibuat orang. Lepas hubby kuar toilet je..terus dia tanya. nak tengok something unik tak? I said whatt??
Ni dia.. The urinal walls is an aquarium...

Cool eh!

Dato Siti is also a patron here :)
Ok, before we indulge on food, snappy snappy again..hehehe

Our food....

Kailan in two styles - stir fried & deep fried

Deep fried buns - very yummy to go with crabs

Barbequed Squid

"South Sea" Fried Rice

Crispy Creamy Fried Chicken (Ayam 3 rasa)

Assam Fish Grouper

Creamy Butter Crab - finger licking!!!!

All dishes are here, let's eat

And we're done.. :)

Before we call it a night, more photo session at the front of restaurant..hhehe

Great food with great ambience add on with great company-my siblings..perfect!!!

South Sea Seafood Restaurant
No. 229, Jalan Dua A, Kampung Baru Subang,
Tel: 03-7846 5813
Opens : 11am-11pm daily
GPS: 3.140896,101.546464


  1. Been here too. Seafood was mad!! Not cheap tho
    Macam pegi aquaria tgk seafood kat sini. Hahah
    Wonder if ada org makan that geoduck?? Owh myyy

    1. Yup..quite pricey..tapi penuh jugak orang..hmmm
      Geoduck tu nak makan pun tak lalu.. :)eeewww

  2. Owh ya i really thought both u n kathyjem were sisters. Lol!
    Apparently she's not in the siblings' pic..haha

    1. Ada resemblance ker? We're best buddies.. :)