July 29, 2013

Phuket - Part 2

Early morning, dah kena ready to wait for our van pick up at the hotel lobby..

Arrived at the jetty..yeeaahhh ready for our island excursion.. Its a full day tour and includes lunch as well.

All aboard

My most memorable experience, caving on a canoe...best part kita tak perlu paddle..ada orang paddle kan..so just relax and enjoy the breathtaking view..

Diorang la yg paddlekan for us.

Here we go!!!

Look at how narrow the cave..lucky its not us maneuvering it

Stopping at a local fisherman's boat

We're here...Phang Nga Bay

Hubs trying out his paddling skills...:)

After lunch onboard the boat, we head for James Bond Island.


Lotsa souvenirs at James Bond Island

"James Bond" pose ;;heheeh

Before we head back, hubs decided to do some dip into the sea.... not for me...:)

''Entertainment" on our journey back to mainland

A visit to Thailand is never complete without trying out their massage service. Our hotel itself have their own spa, so we set an appointment to get some Thai massages for the night.
The spa itself is not within the same building, its about 1 km from hotel, tapi they provide us with transportation to go there.

All done..one and a half hour of Thai massage..teruk kena lipat2 badan..

Last day in Phuket, not much to do so just jalan2 along Patong beach and bumped into a hair breading service. Tak pikir panjang nak, nekad nak try jugak :)..

Half way done..

Time to get back to reality.. :(

On a final note, get your travel/island excursion packages on day 1 ur in Phuket, cause usually it starts in the morning, so at least esoknya dah boleh pegi island dah.
Foodwise, dengar kata ada muslim village tapi sadly kitorang tak jumpa. Maybe u guys can look for it for some good halal food.

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