October 21, 2014

Fuego - South American Tapas

A special occasion with my bestfriend.. Birthday dinner treat for Chubah...This was our second attempt to dine here, first time tu mcm ad hoc skit..call pun dah lewat..so it was fully booked...

This time around, booked 2 days earlier..heheheh..

Woh lupa nak intro..this placed is called Fuego. Its part of Troika Sky Dining. Ada 4 rooftop restaurants, serving different market segment.. Fuego serves South American Tapas.
A first for me to taste South American food in particular tapas..
Ada 2 seating time untuk booking, at 6.30pm and 8.30pm..so kitorang booked the 6.30pm punya slot..so that we can enjoy KL's sunset overlooking KLCC...breathtaking view indeed..

Sampai2 ja..camwhoring session la..hehehe..duduk pun blum..:)

Best view of KLCC

Birthday Gal..

I'm all dressed up for the occasion :)

Birthday Dinner with my Bestfriend

Infused water - strawberry, lime & mint... very refreshing indeed..

Lepas puas bergambar, barulah decide nak makan apa..hehehe

So here goes our order,

Salmon Roe Guacamole

The guacamole to is by far my favourite appetizer.. smashed avocado, tomato and italian parsley..and best of all red chilli (cili padi!!!)..Perghhh pedas terangkat... We even had some with our rib-eye..That's how much we love it..hehehe

Salt cod croquettes -seaweed crust, shiso leaf gremolata & salmon roe mayo. A unique take of the usual croquette.. Two thumbs up!!! 

Soft Shell Crab- crispy , crunchy...enjoyed every bite

Australian Grass Fed Rib Eye - medium done..cooked to perfection

Our dining view..superb..

Good night KL...
Overall, dining here is quite an experience..great food with superb dining view...make sure to request seats at the balcony..
Food ordered nampak macam sikit, tapi bila dah makan kenyang teramat, we didn't even got the chance of ordering dessert..Memang simply puas hati with the food..
To those thinking of celebrating a special occasion, this is THE place to be..highly recommend the restaurant..

To end this, wishing Chubah a happy birthday...hope you enjoyed it..

Thanks for being the kind and thoughtful friend to me..hope we stayed friends forever..
"Biaq mulut jahat, tapi hati baik"...


Troika Sky Dining,
Level 23A, Tower B, The Troika,
Persiaran KLCC.
GPS: 3.158098, 101.718129
Tel : 03-21620886