November 28, 2013

Tong Pak Fu - Hong Kong Dessert

Craving for desserts or wanting a light snack? This is the place to be.. Tong Pak Fu, TPF Hong Kong Dessert.
Dari nama pun dah tau originate from Hong Kong.. penah kluar JJCM TV3 with Qi.., ada few outlets kat KL...Sunway Pyramid, KLCC, Sunway Gize, Setia City Mall..outlet semakin banyak..

Best thing about this place...Snow Flakes....yummmyyyyy.... the flakes is very soft & smooth...specialty dia Durian Flakes..wowwweeee....rasa sebijik macam makan durian..without the mess....:) rasa just nice..tak manis sgt...also mango dessert sini pun terbaik jugak...memang terasa buah manga tu...and ada bebola yg putih tu..letup2 dalam mulut..hehhe..menarik...

Kalau rasa nak some snacks, maybe can give the Curry Fish Ball a try..basically its fish ball dip in kuah kari...simple but nice..kuah kari dia sedap...

The chee cheong fun a quit plain and is the unagi (belut) skin. Rasa tak menyengat sangat...hheehe
Basically come here for their snow flakes..tak nyesal punya...
KLCC outlet

I love durian too...

Tracka Durian Snow Ice

Mango Snow Ice

King of Mango

Spicy Pepper Unagi Skin

Fishball Curry

Curry Chee Cheong Fun

More outlets opening!!!

Tong Pak Fu
KLCC, Sunway Giza, Empire Mall, Setia City Mall...etc

November 26, 2013

Kulcats Barrio

Wah semenjak 2menjak ni TTDI dah semakin menjadi a hip & trendy place to hangout...makin banyak restaurant, coffee joints bukak kat sini....
This time around gonna review a place call Kulcats Barrio..nama cam pelik tapi kool...:)
Selalu tgk IG nabila huda tunjuk makanan/dessert kat sini..memang menarik.. terliur nengoknya.. tempat pun tak jauh from my house..its basically a hipster place la..young peeps chillin with friends..

Owned by celebrity chef soofiz (kalau ada yg tau la..) tak ramai org kenal kot.. this place was opened earlier this year, tapi banyak kali takda peluang nak pegi..tak cukup corum la, fully booked la...mcm2...

Last Friday plan nak gossip2 & catch up dgn apa lagi..Kulcats la...

Yana & Kathy je ada..lepas keja terus ke sini..dlm kul 6.30 dh smpi..itu pun buat reservation awal2..tempat ni kalau weekend memang pack...
By 8.30 camtu  Kathy pun nak kena gerak dah..I dengan Yana mmg dah bagitau our hubby to join for dinner, so kitorang stay je la lagi...(awal2 hubbys tak boley ada..payah nak gossip..hehehe)

Interior yg funky & colorful

Some of the menu highlights

Ok, so how's the food you might ask? Okay first thing this place is well known for its dessert, so bear in mind, kena la simpan perut sikit nak order dessert nanti kan...
That's why best kalau dtg boleh la rasa itu sikit, ini sikit...macam2 boleh try..

The Kulcats Nachos is great, very light & crispy and good as snacks with friends or yg nak light food...sangat sesuai..

Our main course, Kathy ordered Aglio Olio Spaghetti- greatt..spaghetti was al dente (pengaruh Masterchef), not too oily & best of all its extra spicy..yumm..yummmm

Yana order Hot Pepperoni Pizza...very nice,,thin crust pizza...with hot BBQ sauce on top...very light &

I pulak order Lamb Chop, wow the portion is big...boleh makan 2 orang ni...sauce is very nice, mamang kena dengan lamb..and the mashed potato is good also..

 Hubby order Beef Short Ribs - well cooked, well marinated & very tender...its not to sweet (some do it too sweet).

Shah took the Sloppy Burger- sauce is very nice, its just the beef patty is just a little bit undercooked (patty is huge). Maybe can request well done next time. :)

Ohh, Eizam pulak tak makan, so he ordered Milkshake, which is nice and not too sweet..

Ok, now comes the best part..desserts...
So what's good here...hmmmm..everything...Pavlova..good, Mud Pie..good, Brownies...good, Banoffee Pie..good...
Basically the desserts here are all good...hehehee...

Dessert & Drinks counter

Pavlova babehh...

Chocolate mud pie

Aglio Olio Spaghetti - extra pedas!!!


Sloppycats Burger

Beef Short Ribs

Lamb Chop


Gorilla Vanilla Milkshake

Kulcats Barrio
35, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Opens : 12pm-11pm (closed on Tuesday)
GPS: 3.155238,101.622333 (nearby Hong Leong Bank)

November 13, 2013

Teeq Restaurant

Finally got a chance to dine here.. sebelum ni plan nak celebrate my birthday here, tapi restaurant was booked for a private time for hubby's birthday dinner pulak..
Bila buat reservation luckily takda function on that night..:) So booked la dinner at 7. Sengaja book awal so that we can view the place before & after sunset..hehehe..
Sadly, hari tu hujan sepanjang hari, pukul 1 camtu dah hujan, so bajetnye by 6 or 7 clear dah la..hmmm takdanya..sampai ke malam still hujan lagi..but renyai2 la..

Teeq Restaurant is located on the rooftop of Lot 10, Shopping Mall.. So quite easy la nak cari..just go to Lot 10, and take the elevator to the rooftop.
When we got there, hujan still lebat lagi, but to get to the entrance tu kena la lalu garden dia..aduss basah la jawabnya ni..Tengah dok pikir nak redah ke tak, sekali ada staff Lot 10 tanya, and dia kata ada jalan lain, kena naik lift from the other side..aduhh mana pulak tu..nasib dia pun nak pergi sana follow la dia..ala2 ada escort..heheeh

Wow, sampai je kat restaurant, we were amazed by the view and restaurant deco..memang cantik..
Romantic and sangat sesuai for special ocassion.. Even waiter sini pun cakap orang selalu buat birthday celebration or private party kat sini sampai booked satu restaurant kadang2 tu..

KL view before sunset

KL view after sunset

Garden area..

Hmmm..ada satu lagi bad experience kat sini.. masa sampai je, nampak dah waiter macam kelam kabut semacam...nak mintak menu and ambik order pun lambat sangat..nak kata busy, takda la full house pun..Hubby dah naik angin jugak, but I still maintain..:) tanya2 rupanya siang tu ada big group datang, so mostly of their menu item dah sold out..dang.....

End up both of us ordered sirloin and on rib eye.. My verdict...the steak is 6 out of 10..steak is nicely done (medium well) but the meat is too thin... the mashed potato is great though..
As for desserts, again the house specialty sneaker cake is out, hmm so settled for the next best thing, chocolate brownies..

Complimentary bread as starter

Fruit  only

Teeq Fruit Cocktail..recommended by the waiter..hmmm jugak

Sirloin Steak

Rib eye Steak

Chocolate Brownies

Restaurant Entrance is amazing...

Waiting area around restroom

Dalam toilet pun ambik gambar cause its too cool!!

As a conclusion, come here for the ambiance and view, not for the food. :) The food is not bad, but kinda average..
Quite disappointed with the service, waiter was slow - we ordered a bottle water but did not get it, then we were charged for it, lucky hubby check bil betul2..

Teeq Restaurant Roof Top, Lot10 Shopping Center, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL Tel: 03-27823555
GPS: 3.14628,101.71175