November 13, 2013

Teeq Restaurant

Finally got a chance to dine here.. sebelum ni plan nak celebrate my birthday here, tapi restaurant was booked for a private time for hubby's birthday dinner pulak..
Bila buat reservation luckily takda function on that night..:) So booked la dinner at 7. Sengaja book awal so that we can view the place before & after sunset..hehehe..
Sadly, hari tu hujan sepanjang hari, pukul 1 camtu dah hujan, so bajetnye by 6 or 7 clear dah la..hmmm takdanya..sampai ke malam still hujan lagi..but renyai2 la..

Teeq Restaurant is located on the rooftop of Lot 10, Shopping Mall.. So quite easy la nak cari..just go to Lot 10, and take the elevator to the rooftop.
When we got there, hujan still lebat lagi, but to get to the entrance tu kena la lalu garden dia..aduss basah la jawabnya ni..Tengah dok pikir nak redah ke tak, sekali ada staff Lot 10 tanya, and dia kata ada jalan lain, kena naik lift from the other side..aduhh mana pulak tu..nasib dia pun nak pergi sana follow la dia..ala2 ada escort..heheeh

Wow, sampai je kat restaurant, we were amazed by the view and restaurant deco..memang cantik..
Romantic and sangat sesuai for special ocassion.. Even waiter sini pun cakap orang selalu buat birthday celebration or private party kat sini sampai booked satu restaurant kadang2 tu..

KL view before sunset

KL view after sunset

Garden area..

Hmmm..ada satu lagi bad experience kat sini.. masa sampai je, nampak dah waiter macam kelam kabut semacam...nak mintak menu and ambik order pun lambat sangat..nak kata busy, takda la full house pun..Hubby dah naik angin jugak, but I still maintain..:) tanya2 rupanya siang tu ada big group datang, so mostly of their menu item dah sold out..dang.....

End up both of us ordered sirloin and on rib eye.. My verdict...the steak is 6 out of 10..steak is nicely done (medium well) but the meat is too thin... the mashed potato is great though..
As for desserts, again the house specialty sneaker cake is out, hmm so settled for the next best thing, chocolate brownies..

Complimentary bread as starter

Fruit  only

Teeq Fruit Cocktail..recommended by the waiter..hmmm jugak

Sirloin Steak

Rib eye Steak

Chocolate Brownies

Restaurant Entrance is amazing...

Waiting area around restroom

Dalam toilet pun ambik gambar cause its too cool!!

As a conclusion, come here for the ambiance and view, not for the food. :) The food is not bad, but kinda average..
Quite disappointed with the service, waiter was slow - we ordered a bottle water but did not get it, then we were charged for it, lucky hubby check bil betul2..

Teeq Restaurant Roof Top, Lot10 Shopping Center, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL Tel: 03-27823555
GPS: 3.14628,101.71175

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