May 31, 2013

The Red Beanbag

The Red Beanbag (RBB) at Publika. Simple je kan nama restaurant ni, food pun simple jugak..but the taste is gastronomical...out of this world...
Came here for breakfast..a late one actually.. cause I'm here for their breakfast menu...

So apa yang menarik kat sini...their Egg Benedict!!! Marvellous...tgk gambar je pun dah drooling kan...apa lagi kalau dapat rasa sendiri...

Location kat area luar Publika..dekat open area yg ada stage tu..

Full house

Open kitchen concept..nice..

All here for brekkie

Complimentary water on each table..

Hot chocolate

Specialty Baked Egg - it's eggs baked with cheese with tomato, beef slices, hot dogs & served with crusty bread

How it looks inside...

RBB's Egg Atlantic- poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, mushroom & smoked salmon on top of french toast..simply to die for..

RBB's Egg Benedict - poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, spinach, mushrooms & beef bacon on french toast

AyuDenira's Verdict:
  • Very..very delicious poached egg.. my personal fav is Egg Atlantic..
  • Crowd mmg ramai on weekends, so kena tggu la for meja.
  • Although orang ramai, but service is great..
  • Brekkie menu is served from 10am to 3pm

Lot A4-1-8, Solaris Dutamas (Publika Mall)
(opposite Publika's open space)
Tel: +603-6211 5116
GPS: 3.171068,101.666018


  1. melleh2 sosnye...sedapnye nmpk

    1. Memang sedap..tgk pun gambar pun dah kecur air liuq..

  2. dlm masterchef us ade masak telur tu...ade rupenye kat sini..heheh

    1. Aaha, egg benedict dia memang terbaik..kalau datang weekend penuh memanjang kedai ni :(