September 20, 2013

my Elephant - Thai Restaurant

Thai food has always be my no 1 in my foodie list. Sebabnya, I hantu pedas..:)
First tasted my Elephant food when I was at my cousin's office, she ordered via RoomService Delivery..and it was yummey...

Their main restaurant is at Happy Mansion PJ, but since Sri Hartamas was nearer to me, so pegi branch dia jela.
Location dia is not at the typical Sri Hartamas shoplots yg ramai orang tau, its quite far off and mungkin tak ramai yang tau kat mana, so kena rely on GPS la..

This place is small but cozy, so if you are here a peak hours you do have to wait outside for table.
Oh ya..they also have a lunch set combo, so ask the waiter for more info..

Its my second tasting here, and i still haven't tried their Tom Yam..the irony..heheeh simply in love with their Green Curry..

Simple and nice menu

Restaurant is small..and get easily packed

Thai Roselle herbal  drink

My fav.. Chicken Thai Green Curry

Lupa the dish name, its like sotong goreng oyster

Brown rice..a healthier option

Simple menu but pleasurable..

The food we ordered ni tak pedas kalau nak pedas maybe should try their Tom Yum la kot..:)
They serve brown rice, sapa yang tak makan maybe can ask for white rice kot..but brown is way better..

my Elephant Thai Restaurant
20-2, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8,
Taman Sri Hartamas
Tel: 03-62010649
GPS: 3.15749,101.650753


  1. kalo p restoran thai suka order dessrt red ruby or pulut mangga

    1. Yup..dessert Thai rest memang terbaik..kalau still boleh masuk la..heheh

    2. pulut mangga yg u tanye kt kedai i mkn tu manis buah..mmg sedap la ngan pulut suka manis ek