October 02, 2015

King Crab at Manhattan Fish Market

Woowwww...lama dah teringin nak try King Crab ni.. So this promo set memang mangancam jiwa ni..hehehe
Not sure how long will the promo lasts, so better hurry before its too late.

We were here early for lunch, dalam kul 11.30 camtu, so mmg takda orang lagi la kan..best part..King Crab still banyak and the waiter tu pun ambik yang paling besau nau-nau... :)

Biggest crab of 'em all..

Blue Lagoon & Iced Lemon T

Complete Meal - crab, fish, calamari, vege & rice

All hail King Crabber.. :)

Location :
Available at all Manhattan Fish Market outlets nationwide
Ours is at Pavillion Mall

1 comment:

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