June 23, 2014

Mikey's Original New York Pizza

Husband dok sebut byk kali dah nak try mkn Pizza ni..konon teringat time kat US mkn pizza slice tepi jln ..cehhh... I buat tak reti je..iyela pizza ni teman tak gemo sgt.. :P Gitu..gitu je..

Last weekend, since my niece Rania ada, so nak la bawak dia kluar jalan2..apa lagi..hubby cepat je ckp try kedai pizza kat bangsar tu..hmmmm..ok finee!!!!

At first ingat kat dalam Bangsar Village, rupanya kat luar..kat jalan telawi..nasib hubby dah tau location, kalau tak ada yang park kat BV..

Woo, restaurant interior is full of New York's memorabilia..macam ada kat NYC y'all..

They it goes here is you take a seat, take your pick from the menu, then order at the counter.
Pizzas comes in slices or satu pan pun bole..1 pizza slice mmg besar, kenyang sipi2 la..kalau nak kenyang betul2 i think better order 2 slices.. Pizza slice range from RM9-RM15.

Sides - there's buffalo wing (boneless) & waffle fries (french fries in waffle cut)

This is the pizza counter - take your pick or if its not here, kena tunggu 10-15 minutes for pizza to be ready.

Kitchen Crew

New York state of mind.. :)

Once you've ordered, dapat licence plate ni (biasa kedai lain bagi nombor)..then they'll send the pizza when it's ready

Meatball Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

911 Pizza - call the cops if it's too hot..heheeh..ada cili padi tu..

Waffle Fries

Bronx Buffalo Wings- spicy coz it's drench in tabasco sauce...the blue cheese dipping is nice

Rania enjoying her meal..makan kerak pizza je..

If you're truly a pizza fan, then u should try this, kalau macam i yg tak minat pizza...hehehe..great place kalau nak hangout..
Oh and the pizza here is of the thin crust type (mmg Americans mkn pizza yg camni)..
Time makan pun orang dok keluar masuk kedai, walaupun tak crowded but the traffic is there..so maknanya pizza dia sedap la kan.. :)

Mikey's Original New York Pizza
17, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru, KL
Opens: Daily for lunch and dinner
GPS: 3.132267, 101.671708