June 27, 2014

Kee's Creampuff - heavenly creampuffs

Kee's Creampuffs is the place for the best creampuff in KL.
Kedai dia kecik je..it's on the first floor, and its a sublet to Mahogany Guitar Store in Bangsar..so senang la nak carik.. 
The other famous puff in town is Beard Papa tu..tapi yg ni different skit..the puff is served cold and its not as crunchy as beard papa's. but it's still fresh and tak lembik..
Best part is the cream filling la..taste is very rich and paling sedap its not too sweet..
When it comes to desserts, I prefer yang tak terlalu manis, just nice je..if not its a big no..no..

There's three type of puffs here, one is plain/original which is sold at RM1.50/pc. Then there's flavoured ones at RM1.80/pc (lemon, coffee, green tea etc). 
The last is the specialty puff, at RM2.50 each (durian, cream cheese, etc)..

Tried the original, lemon and durian..semua sedap but....

My ultimate favourite... Durian Cream Puff....yummmmyyyy...sapa yang suka/hantu durian should give this a try...the taste of durian memang perfect...best part..you can get this all year round..hehehe
If you like durian crepe..this is way better!!!! Durian crepe sesetengah tu mix with whipped cream banyak sgt..so you can't taste the durian sgt..
But here its totally good quality durian..memang besttt!!!!

Selain cream puffs, there's also cakes..tapi tak banyak la..ada choc moist, choc cheese & red velvet..
So we give the choc moist a try, and to me its good too..the cake is moist and choc not too sweet..quite an ok choc cake..


Spoilt for choices

Durian Creampuff!!!!

Moist Choc Cake


Hot Choc

Tapau some for later..hehehe

There's also a branch in Subang..

Kee's Creampuffs
12A, Jalan Telawi 5,
Bangsar Baru
GPS: 3.132928, 101.671588 (look for Mahogany Guitar Store)


  1. wah...interesting...i should try this!

    1. Harus cuba..cfrm x nyesal..esp the Durian Puff..