June 02, 2014

Crab Factory

To us SS2 is where we can get Pelita Nasi Kandar and Durian Buffet..well sekarang there's another craze here..CRABS...

Crab Factory brings Southern American / cajun style of eating seafood.. sapa yang penah makan Bubba Gump..food style dia ala gitu la..but here the menu is simpler and concentrated more to seafood in particular Crabs..
There's lobsters, king crabs, meat crabs....hello uric acid..hehehe (sesapa yang ada gout tu sorry yer..)

Sebelum continue on what's on the menu..kita tgk decor dulu kay..

Nice ayy..

Refer to the board here for current seafood prices..

Now to the menu, so from here pick which type of seafood that you wish to indulge..
Prices for the seafood are shown at the board.. refer picture sebelum ni..

Once you have decided on type of seafood, pick your sauce and the heat level..kitorang order medium hot and O'ly Crab..perghh..pedas berapi dah.. Pastu pilih bag buddies- sepatutnya bag buddies ni masuk sekali dalam seafood tu.. but we choose to have it in a separate bag..boleh jugak..

This is why they call it the original Louisiana boil.. the seafood are boil then drench in your choice of sauce and serve in plastic bags.

Sebelum makan, the mandatory group photos..
One more thing, kat sini takde maknanya nak makan sopan-santun kay..sini makan pun tak pakai pinggan, alas plastic jer, seafood serve in plastic bags..that's it
The necessary tools are provided, clamp & hammer.

Bibs are provided as well :)

Prawns in medium hot sauce

Enoki mushroom with hotdogs - tak pedas, for my niece Qaisara

Fried baby squid

Baby Octopus in Zesty Lemon Pepper

Meat Crabs - we had two types: Medium hot & O'ly Crab sauce

That's the way seafood are meant to be taken - messy!!!

All done..yummyy...

Overall, very well satisfied..seafood was fresh and spicy sauce made it more interesting..if you enjoy hot and spicy seafood, this is the place..

Crab Factory
21, Jalan SS2/64,
PJ (Opposite McD, same row as Pelita Nasi Kandar)
Opens: 3pm-11pm (Weekdays), 11am-11pm (Fri-Sun) except Tuesday
GPS: 3.1186,101.62023

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  1. wah menarik tgk tmptnye...yummmm..price nye camner??