September 22, 2014

Contango,The Majestic Hotel - Rania's Birthday Celebration

A long overdue post..

My niece's Rania punya birthday was actually in July, tapi time tu bulan puasa, so delay sikit la celebration dia..end up we did it in August (after raya). Coincidentally, August pulak birthday Mama & Nenek dia triple celebration la..:)

The place - Contango Restaurant at The Majestic Hotel KL.
Sampai je malam tu tgk pack semacam, apa hal pulak ni??? Semua berjubah & berserban pulak tu.. Rupanya Takaful Malaysia is having their annual dinner kat ballroom..

As Kak Ina's has made prior arrangement with the restaurant, so diorang siap2 kan la balloons deco tu..

Our theme for the night, Black and Red..chewahhh siap theme lagi..nenek punya idea la ni.. :)

Birthday Girls..

Happy 4th Birthday Rania - be a good girl kay..Mak Cu loves you..

Papa & Mama

Kenapa mencebik tu Rania? takda kek ek?...

After a few while the restaurant presented the birthday cake. Siap la dengan birthday song semua...excited giler Rania..dari awal tahun dok nyanyi lagu birthday je..heheheh

Make a wish Rania..

Ok, once we are done with the candle blowing and cake cutting..we dove into the foods

It was purely a buffet affair, with great food selection - Japanese, Italian, Indian, Local, Seafood...terbaekkkk....of course my pics does not cover the whole dish selection, here are what caught my eyes..

Freshly made sushi

Hubs fav..fresh oyster...

Cold seafood

Pasta kitchen - made to order

Great desserts 

Nyummy ice cream

Vanilla ice cream with choc lava cake

Look at the camera Rania...susah betul sekarang ni nak suruh dia tgk camera..

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.139194, 101.692215

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