February 06, 2014

Morelli's - Gelato

Sekali tengok macam ice cream, dua kali tengok macam ice cream, bila makan rasa macam ice cream.. This is Gelato...memang ice cream pun....Italian call it Gelato (soft ice cream)...
Morelli's makes it debut in Malaysia by opening their first outlet in Bangsar Shopping Center...asalnya dari UK, brought here by Naza Group..
Lot's of flavour to choose from, sebelum order mintak try sample dulu..hehehe..
Single scoop dalam RM10..so lebih kurang Baskin Robbins la..

 Flavours yang we tried,
1. Chocolate - thick pure chocolate taste..
2. Wild berry - sapa yang minat rasa masam2..go for this
3. Hazelnut - very very rich and thick, rasa lemak2 kacang
4. Mango - sweet, sour, lemak...nice...

Best of all ice cream dia tak manis sangat, its more of creamy and rasa flavour kita pilih tu..
You can have in in a cup or with cones..
Sundaes pun ada, it comes in cups with toppings.

If you're up for a cold sweet fix, come over to Morelli's...:)

Chocolate & Wildberry

                                                                Me, Misz & Syam

Morelli's Gelato
Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Center (near Coffee Bean)

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  1. Sedapkan..bru taw naza group pnye..ptut slalu nmpk marion counter mkn kt sini