January 28, 2014

ABC - Acme Bar & Coffee

When I first heard about the place first thing comes to mind is Road Runner cartoon...semua barang dalam cartoon tu is from Acme..hehehe..
Acronym dia pun cool kan..ABC simple je.. Its location, The Troika, Jalan Binjai..very2 near to KLCC..

Masuk je restaurant, dah kena greet by Let us seat you!! sign ..hmmm memang la teramat ramai orang..
So you better make reservation, if not kena la tunggu 20-30min.

Lucky us, hubby spotted the outdoor area, actually diorang tak bukak lagi area tu cause its still early around 3pm camtu, diorang kata takut panas nanti..hmm since the weather is quit gloomy, takda hal la..takda matahari pun...plus we are here for desserts, memang nak cozy & relax je. Dapatla seat terus instead of waiting 30 mins. Yeeayyyy..

Dapat je menu, baru pikir nak order apa, zassss terus hujan.. kelam kabut lari masuk dalam...heheheh
Actually ada satu section yang diorang close cause its near the window and they don't have window blinds,katanya panas nanti...hmm since dah hujan kan...redah jela area tu...

The deco is very in, minimalistic & old skool...lots of black irons, & glass..

Get you name on the waiting list here

Closed section...

Full house..

Restroom pun cool...the sink my hubby cakap ala2 60's hospital..hehehe

Outdoor area

Okay enough of the restaurant view, here goes the desserts....drool please....hehehee
Seriously, its one of the best dessert place i've been..price is on the high side....tapi memang berbaloi..plus its not often pun kan..heheh

What makes me come here if the sizzling brownies....yummeyy..I memang suka hot brownies with ice cream..especially kalau garing..so by sizzling, bawah dia akan jadi extra garing..sedapppppp

Another must try here is the Pavlova...so to all Pavlova lovers out there..you got to try this..memang kalah la Alexis, Serai, Kulkats..hehehe
Ada two variants, Light-as-air, this is the original pavlova..its not too sweet plus the passion fruit sauce balance the sweetness.

Tapi kalau yang betul2 suka manis, try the Other Pavlova.with its caramel sauce, nuts and banana filling, its quit a mouthful to finish this..so please share kay.. heheeh
The jackfruit cake is quit famous jugak, kek cempedak..unik kan..jarang2 jumpa... But to me, the cake is nice & fluffy, tapi tak rasa sangat cempedaknya..more like pandan cake je...

Sizzling Brownies

                                             Sizzling Brownies in action

Jackfruit Cake (Kek Cempedak)

Light-as-air Pavlova - strawberries & passion fruit sauce

The other Pavlova - mixed nuts, banana, choc filling, caramel

ABC -Acme Bar & Grill
The Troika, Jalan Binjai
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.157881,101.718194

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