June 12, 2013

Sekeping Tenggiri - Home away from Home

This was actually my surprise anniversary gateway for last year..hehehe but still nak share jugak cause this is such a lovely & awesome place..

Semua ni hubby punya plan la..siap ikat tutup mata lagi..he said wanted to bring me to a special place for our anniversary..punya dia nak cover line..drive la round and round..almost one hour jugak la..dalam kepala ni ingat kat PD ke, iyerla..mata dah tertutup..berdebar la jugak..hehehe

At last when we arrived..saw this house between a row house terrace houses..hmmm kat mana pulak ni.. tanya hubby tak nak jawab..scan around the area..last2 nampak bangunan TM Pucuk Rebung tu..hmmm kantoi.. kat area Bangsar rupanya..wahhh..memang tak sangka2 a place this beautiful is just around Bangsar..woooowww...

This place is called Sekeping Tenggiri..its part of the Sekeping project by Seksan Design..Seksan ni is one of the famous landscape architect in Malaysia..Tenggiri is because its located at Jalan Tenggiri, Bangsar.

Its actually a double storey terrace house, fully demolished and built from the ground up by Seksan..hasil nya..this wonderful and minimalist style house..memang jatuh cinta..hmmmm

Inside there's 7 bedrooms yg boleh sewa..we took the one with pool view.. but the beauty of it..we went on a weekday so theres no one else around..so got the whole house to ourselves..yeeehhaaa..
Tempat ni kalau nak buat private party pun bole..you can ask them la..

This place is perfect for those yang nak release tension ke..or do a quick getaway with your loved ones.

House Entrance

48, Jalan Tenggiri

Rooms with pool view

Upstairs is the biggest room in this house

Garden Area

Our room - overlooking the pool

An area map if you are lost..heheh

This is the garden room

Self serve kitchen

Dining area


Inside our room



Just the two of us..

Sekeping Tenggiri
48, Jalan Tenggiri
Taman Weng Lock,
GPS: 3.121908,101.669324

More info at : http://www.sekeping.com/


  1. cantik tmptnye...mcm tmpt tu khas utk korang je...mmg tkde org ke?

    1. Lucky time kitaorg pegi tu memang takde orang... sbb kitaorg pegi on weekday. kalau weekend ada la orang..

  2. hi ayu, im ur silent reader,

    Just nk tnya this place can bring family or come with group tak? atau just for couple sajer? hehehe

    nice place and view sgt cantek :)

    1. Thank you for reading.. Tak la..tempat ni is just like a homestay..dalam satu rumah ada few rooms boleh sewa.. tak salah ada 6-7 rooms kot.. kalau datang in big group bole book the whole house..kalau small family book bilik jela..

      If you are lucky, esp weekdays, bilik lain takda orang..so dapat la enjoy the whole house to yourself..

  3. lNampak macam sunyi je... mungkin sebab takdak org kan..
    tp seyes memang nampak best je

    1. Yup..mmg best..tambah pulak xde orang lain..tenang je.. :)