August 18, 2015

Cold Stone Creamery

While in Singapore, lepas penat jalan2 along Orchard Road, bumped into this kedai ice cream.
It's called Cold Stone, apa yang unik about this place, lepas dah pilih ice cream and toppings kita tu, they will mix and gaul everything on top of a cold stone, hence the Cold Stone name.

My niece- dah besar pun nak naik stroller..penat katanya..haiihh kalau la ada stroller for adults, I pun nak jugak :)

Uli & Gaul atas cold stone

Chocolate Devotion - for choc lovers

Cookie Minster - mint ice cream for a refreshing taste

Overall, not bad, very thick and rich ice cream. Come to think of it, ada ke ice cream yang tak sedap..hehehe. Since this shop is not in Malaysia, sapa yang nak try something like this, we have the Cream & Fudge Factory here. Kat Wangsa Maju tak salah..

P.s: Also don't forget to have the SGD1.20 ice cream with roti or wafer along Orchard Road as well..

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Central Road
Singapore 238896

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