August 10, 2015

Badoque Restaurant

Wah, dah lama teringin nak try tempat ni, been following their Instagram acc -badoquecafe , and looking at their menu, just makes you drool...
Since we are going into Singapore, our lunch place have to be this place.
They have two outlets, one in Simpang Bedok and the other kat Upper Thomson. Cehh macam tahu je kat mana kan..Sebab tak tahu yang mana dekat, so bedal jela. We choose to go to the Simpang Bedok outlet. 
Sebab drive sendiri, takda hal la..just key in dlm GPS..maka sampailah.. kalau naik public transport, kena kaji lebih dalam..and if anything you can always ask these guys..

Restaurant ni owned and run by Malay guys, so confirm la Halal. No worries.
What's good here, hmmm, rasanya semua sedap kot..heheeh..macam la dah rasa semua..tapi looking at their menu and customers feedback, memang mostly sedap kot..

We are here at 3pm, and still there a crowd in is good..

Eye catching menu..

Sebelum makan, wefie dulu..
Our orders,
Badoque Ribs - a must have here. perrrghhh daging dia is like melting, lembut and well marinated..boleh lawan Tony Roma's. And I'll give Badoque's higher points compare to Tony Roma's cause of the size..

Kepak Bing-bing - a crowd favorite, but only if you are into spicy food, cause it is damn spicy. Tapi sedap, unlike your typical spicy buffalo wings, biasanya its spicy & masam2 ( western style of spicy), macam Tabasco sauce tu..But here, padas dia terangkat wooo...kena dengan selera orang Melayu.

Signature dish, Badoque Ribs..

Kepak Bing-bing, spicy chicken wings
Badoque Fried Chicken - besar giler portion die..its for Rania actually :)

Iced Salted Caramel

Hot chocolate with marshmallows

Perut dah kenyang, time to visit relatives in Sg.

One thing to note here, portions are big. Kalau datang berdua, order satu dish dah cukup.
So its best if you come with friends and family la, party of 4 upwards..baru la seronok makan macam2 jenis..:)
The shop itself agak kecik, tapi ada outdoor dining area jugak, no problem kalau datang ramai2.

298, Bedok Rd,
Simpang Bedok, 
Singapore 469454
Closed on Mondays


  1. sedapnyaa.. hihi.. ingatkan kat Msia.. rupanya kat Singapore.. hihi..

    1. A'ah kat Sg..mmg dah lama dok aim kedai ni..well worth it even kalau dah convert..berbaloi dengan portion dia..

  2. nampak sangat menyelerakan.. terliur