October 24, 2013

Tous Les Jours - Authentic Bakery

Noticed this place while its in construction early this year..was wondering la kedai apa ni..so tanya enchek google..Tous Les Jours direct translation- All Days. Its a French-Asian bakery, a franchise originated from Korea..wow unique combination..heheeh. Now dah ada more than 1000 shops worldwide.
Kalau tak salah kedai bukak sometime in June..tapi baru ni berkesempatan nak try..

Bakery/Roti2 ni hubby punya favorite la..makan roti sebulan pun takde hal..
So bila masuk kedai tu, up to him la pilih yang mana berkenan..
Overall, the breads are soft and fresh.. my recommendation would be the black rice 'pulut' bun ..hmmm...sedappppp...

We did not tried the coffee as this was our early dinner actually, so tak nak la minum kopi malam tu .. maybe next time..

Indoor & Outdoor seats are available

Freshly baked breads & pastries

Highlight - black rice bun is yummyyyy

A must have here

Cranberry walnut & Tuna floss, both a plain & ordinary..not recommended

Strawberry cream cake - my rating 6/10

Tous Les Jours
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar
Opens 7am-10pm daily
GPS: 3.131306,101.670943 ( same row as Nirwana Maju)

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