August 27, 2013

New Hollywood & Vanggey Yong Suan

When in Ipoh,,two of the must visit makan place is Restoran New Hollywood & Nasi Vanggey aka Nasi Ganja..

First up for breakfast we head to Restoran New Hollywood, Canning Garden. konsep typical chinese kopitiam, with all sort of local chinese delicacies. No worries, all food here are guaranteed Halal, they've also been featured in The Star Newspaper as its a truly 1 Malaysia Restoran, all sort of races be it chinese, malay or indian dines here.
Well my fav here is their kopi ais & roti goyang (roti bakar with half-boiled egg on top)...marvelous..
Others like the curry mee, char kuey teow & charkoi are also good....macam-macam ada sini..

Kopi Ice..

Roti Goyang

All walks of life dines here

For lunch, kena try Nasi Vanggey (aka Nasi Ganja)..They actually occupying front part of Restoran Yong you just order air from the taukey & nasi from the mamak. Got to be here early (11.30am) or it will be jam packed..
There's another Restoran Vanggey in Greentown, but this is way better, but if its closed you can do with the second one la. :)

Look at the long queue

Luckily, kalau dine in tak payah beratur, just look for a table (you have to share table) & order.

Kopi ais here is superb

The great nasi vanggey with a dash of coconut chutney on top

Restoran New Hollywood
Jalan Lee Kwee Foh,
Taman Canning, Ipoh.
Opens: 7am-4pm (closed on Mondays)
GPS : 4.602156,101.109054

Yong Suan (Nasi Vanggey)
2, Jalan Yang Kalsom,
Opens: 10am-4pm 
GPS: 4.592713,101.084598


  1. ai
    saya ida
    newbies blogger
    baru follow blog ni jemput ye follow blog saya
    * besnye makanan lapaq jadinye ni kuikuikui

  2. Ayu...mana best nasi ganja atau nasi royale yg kat Aloq Staq tu?

    1. Ayu prefer Nasi Royale..lagi kick & pedas.. tapi vanggey pun layan jugak..hehehe..
      Nasi Royale ni kat Ampang pun ada tau..tapi tak se"kick" yg Loq Staq punya..tapi ok la dari takde.. :)

  3. orang ipoh tak berapa suka makan dekat nasi ganja ni sbb service dia slow dan org yang melayan pun biadap..mostly yg dtg mkn sini org luar ipoh...