April 10, 2013


Special occasion calls for a special celebration.. so we decided to dine at Starhill Gallery. Special thanks to my SIL.:)

Shook ni concept dia unik skit. consist of four kitchens serving Japanese, Oriental, Western & Italian.

So we got lots of choices over the menu, pening jugak nak pilih, ikut la selera tekak nak makan apa kan..
What more to say just enjoy the delicious & beautifully presented food. Fine dining at its best!!

MiL, SiL & Hubs, my niece Rania

All dressed up for the occasion

Sourdough Bread for starter

Kalau ada lamb..haruslah wajib order..

SiL ordered this..ikan apa ntah..tak igt dah

Hubby ordered Wagyu Beef Cheek..superbb

Lamb rack

For Rania, chinese fried rice, namapak plain bodo je, tapi rasa mmg terbaekk

Desserts - Tiramisu

Yg ni x igt nama dia, Chocolate somethingg..??

Nice tea cup..great way to end the nite..

Shook's Deco

Ayu Denira's Verdict
  • Food is amazing, with lots of choices, serabut gak nak order :)
  • Tempat pun five star, so price pun five star jugak la ek, make sure wallet tebal sblm nak dtg sini, air mineral pun imported punya.
  • Sambil makan, ada live band performing Jazz music, very soothing

LG, Starhill Gallery,
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

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