April 21, 2014

Peruvie - Peruvian Grilled Chicken

Its been awhile kan.. :)

Selalunya kedai yang paling dekat tu la yang susah nak pergi..mesti nak try yang jauh2 je kan..hehehe
Peruvie- at Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.betul2 sebelah Penang Village (Maybank).. sekangkang kera je from home...baru nak try out.. hmmm mmg nyesal tak try sebelum ni...

Dari nama kedai pun dah tahu the origin..it's from Peru.. grilled chciken with its own special spicy or original sauce.

For those chicken lover out there, tempat ni wajib try..especially yang meminati Nando's..
I can say the chicken here is way better than Nando's...sauce dia walaupun tak sepedas Nando's, but its still spicy and its way tastier than them....

Went there over the weekend, kedai bukak 12pm..terus smpi dah..we were the only ones in the restaurant..time tgh makan ada la satu meja lain lagi..hmmm dalam hati..haii kedai ni tak lama la nampaknya..sayangnya....

Memang tak la kan..by 1pm je..the restaurant is packed...hmmm ramai dah tahu rupanya..hubby pun terserempak dgn school mate dia..and his family has been frequenting this place...

The meals here macam kat Kenny Rogers or Nandos..comes in set..nak ala carte pun boleh..set dia either in Quarter or half chciken.. pastu pilih 2 side dishes.. kitorang tried tried the coleslaw, mixed vege, potato salad and corn salad.. Semua best and tak mengecewakan..kalau nak filing sikit..coconut rice pun agak menarik..

Sauce ada two type, original or spicy..haruslah spicy kan...:) tapi tak la pedas gila2 sangat pun..ala2 je..

Bila order baru they will grill the chicken.. so kena la be patient sikit..tapi bila sampai it's worth the wait. 

The chicken is very tender and moist..Pastu on our plate tu ada another dipping sauce..sedap jugak..it's creamy but tak muak...sedap jugak..goes well with salad..or dengan ayam pun best..

As for drinks, we tried out a pitcher of Sangria.. its a Latin American cocktail..asalnya alcoholic la..tapi kat sini no alcohol..so its a mocktail...:) .. its kinda like a fruit cocktail..masam and refreshing with a twist..ada apple cider dlm drink ni..so ada la rasa zing cuka tu..

I think from the same owner kot..cause boleh tembus Penang Village jugak from inside..

Colorful and very refreshing interior

It's a Peruvian theme..

For those wondering???

Clear and simple menu

Our meals

The chicken is moist..sauce is amazing...

Don't know what's the name, but the dipping sauce is great as well...sedapppp

Our drink - Sangria (mocktail)

1, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Opens : 12pm-10.30pm
GPS:  3.153669,101.622368

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